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Construction Consulting Associates has been the building code and zoning consultants for the most iconic New York City projects for the past 50 years. Our team of visionaries have developed some of the most creative and well known practices that have since become industry standard protocols.
WE ARE HIRING: We have a few spaces available for the right candidates who are driven to make a lasting impact to the NYC skyline.

The secret to CCA’s impeccable reputation is the prolific team

that stands behind its name.


We foster an atmosphere of family that supports and empowers our members to succeed in every aspect of their professional lives, and that translates back to our clients in the form of the unprecedented quality and time assurances the CCA brand is known for.

Construction Consultant Associates is transforming the NYC skyline — with a commitment to being the best and hiring the best.

Our associates are innovative, dedicated, collaborative, resourceful, and enthusiastic.


If these qualities describe you, here is our personal invitation for you to join our team and grow with us.


We offer a full benefits package including health insurance, pension plan, paid holidays and more.

What makes CCA a great place to work

Family-Like Environment

Health Insurance


Room for Growth

Paid Vacations

If you've got what it takes to be a visionary and make YOUR impact, we want you on our team TODAY!

The ideal candidate will be one or more of the following:

‣ Registered Architect

‣ Professional Engineer

‣ NYC DOB Class II Expeditor

‣ Experienced in handling a variety of NYC building types, such as office, residential, institutional and education buildings, both as new construction and alterations.

Please send your resume to and include an outline of your working experience over the last 3 to 5 years.

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