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East Coast LIC
East Coast LIC

Since 2010, Long Island City has seen the fastest growth in the nation, even topping out downtown Los Angeles! Previously considered to be a run-down industrial area with high crime rates, LIC sits directly across the East River from the United Nations campus and is becoming an increasingly prime destination for young professionals and the art communities.

Rockrose Developers and TF Cornerstone stands at the forefront of the LIC gentrification with the East Coast development. Its seven modern, high-rise buildings offer heights varying from 18 to 41 stories, 3,734,556 square feet of residential, retail and amenity space and 3,192 upscale apartments.

CCA has and continues to be the trusted code consultants for the exponential growth of this up and coming New York locale that has redefined the Queens skyline. Besides for the buildings themselves, this project includes a host of uber compliance-centric projects,
such as new infrastructure of roads, utilities and street lighting in addition to the construction of a public park.

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